Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder!

Silly things you've seen on the OU Ladder!

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Hey everyone!

Greetings from MrEon. I'm here to present you what is essentially an OU version of one of my favourite threads - "Silly Things You Have Seen On the Ubers Ladder" by shrang (and I recommend you check that out too, its hilarious). Now, most of you might not have seen me around here much, but that's fine because I'm mostly a) a lurker b) Ubers player.

Now the important stuff. We all know the current condition on the OU ladder on PS, and how easy it is for even noobs to get 1500+ with just a few wins. Therefore, most of us run into such "noobish" teams every now and then (like myself). So, this is the place where all of you can share your bizzare moments!


Before we start, I'd like to tell you to keep a few rules in mind - there aren't many, but following them will help us avoid unneccessary problems.

1) What is silly?
Remember that we are here to lol at things that don't make much sense whatsoever, so avoid posting about stuff that is simply outclassed. For example, if you run into Specs Ninetails, think about it first - a sun boosted, STAB, Specs Fire Blast can hurt stuff. If you run into Choice Band Ninetails though, that's another thing.

2) How much is too much?

I know some of you slightly lower ranked players might run into silly stuff more often than others, but that doesn't mean you should make a new post every 5 minutes. If your last post was made not to long ago (within last 4-5 posts), just edit that one.

3) Who are the silly ones?
Show some decency and respect. When posting, remember there is NO need to mention the person who was using the 'mon/set. This thread is called "Silly THINGS on.." instead of "Silly PEOPLE on.." for a reason. If posting battlelogs, just edit the name out or something.

Now that all the intro shit is done, lets get started!
Not too long ago, I ran into a Special Mamoswine (LO w/ Ice Beam/Earth Power/HP Fire)
I have no more words O_o

But you guys, keep posting and have fun!


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I can't unsee the things I've seen on the OU ladder. Physical Keldeo, Specs Machamp, Specs Chomp, Banded Latias, Electivire, Charizard outside of sun, Scarf Alakazam, Scarf Jolteon, Ninetales and Politoed without their auto weather (and many times I could tell it wasn't an accident).

I seriously could go on for days. The OU ladder is an abomination sometimes.
I've run into people using sets that looked like they were made for Gen 3, including a Raikou with Crunch, and a possible McIceGar (the Gengar used Ice Punch and had Leftovers, didn't see the rest of it's set so I don't know if it had Substitute, Focus Punch, or Shadow Ball).
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I have a collection of this sorta stuff. I think the all time winner was some guy who had a bunch of completely random pokemon at random levels. This includes a lv 32 Raichu who used quick claw + dynamic punch, and a lv 65 Ninetales without its weather. Rest of the team I didn't really see the sets on, since they died too fast.
Just the other day I faced someone with a Scizor using Bug Buzz. What's wrong with some of these people?

Scarf Mamoswine, 0 speed latias, dragonite in sand and the almighty scarf dragonite.
Ummm, I wouldn't say Scarfed Mamoswine is a silly thing. Maybe a gimmick but can be used successfully. Same goes for 0 Speed Latias. And Scarfed D-Nite? Do you have a certain hate for Scarfed pokemon?
Ancient Power Jirachi, Sash lead Gengar, Defensive Vaporeon with Hydro Pump, Milotic, Defensive Cloyster, Ambipom...
The list goes on and on.

Stone RG

Megas are broke
Sludge Bomb Tenta counts? it actually won 1v1 on my sp def rotom due to the poison turn 1.

Eh, apart from that, which was actually on the 1900, the typical bs we see on the ladder, with some of my personal favorites: 0 speed latias, ice fang gyarados (idk you guys, it may kill chomp but it is a waste of a moveslot imo), and (dunn dunn dunn) flare blitz volcarona, someone help me.
Actually,I have been running into some Life Orb Vapoureons lately and they all work decently well and gave me a lot of trouble in rain.I believe its in the Smogon analysis.
Sounds like he's talking about Lefties Vaporeon with presumably no offensive investment.

I actually nearly lost two recent games because of Scarf Cloyster and Mamoswine. Cloyster is kinda "WTF, mate?" but Scarf Mamoswine is actually moderately effective.

I've been using Life Orb 4 Attacks Terrakion recently. Does that count as silly? Because he's doing more work than Choice Band Terrakion for me, the ability to change moves is enormous.
I very nearly lost to a team with scarf cloyster and occa berry scizor
Poor you
I've seen so much fucking BS on the ladder but forgot it since i'm a shithead
I do remember that once while laddering for reqs i forgot to put drizzle on politoed(srsly PS make that the fucking primary ability)
Don't hate on CB Ninetales..
252+ Atk Choice Band Ninetales Iron Tail vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Tyranitar: 232-274 (57.42 - 67.82%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252+ Atk Choice Band Ninetales Flare Blitz vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Eviolite Chansey in sun: 450-531 (63.92 - 75.42%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252+ Atk Choice Band Ninetales Flare Blitz vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Dragonite in sun: 176-207 (45.59 - 53.62%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock
252+ Atk Choice Band Ninetales Flare Blitz vs. 252 HP / 36 Def Jellicent in sun: 216-255 (53.46 - 63.11%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock

The calcs speak for themselves honestly, it's a beast.

Please remove it from the OP as it's actually a valid set that I've used to great success.

Specs Chomp, Scarf Mamoswine, Scarf mixnite, Occa Berry Scizor, and 4 Attack LO Terrakion are also really cool sets that have worked for me in the past ( I usually run 3 attacks + SR, but Quick Attack is really nice :3 )


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A bit of fuckery and hax all rolled up into one that I had the grace of witnessing first hand the other day.

The foe's Gengar used Fire Punch!
It's Super effective!
Mamoswine was burned!
Speaking of Gengar: I have encountered physical Gengar more than once. They tend to run Drain Punch or some shit, I've also faced ones that just had that and then some special attacks. Because the 5% recovery Gengar gets from Drain Punching is incredibly important considering how bulky he is (and it hits hard too!)

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